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Why Is My Dryer Not Heating Up?

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    7 possible reasons your dryer won’t heat up

    Does it feel like your clothes are never quite dry after a cycle in the dryer? Do you have to run multiple cycles just to get your laundry done? If so, then it is likely that your won’t heat up as it should. There are a few common reasons this might be happening, so let’s look at what could be causing it.

    Reason #1: Broken heating element

    A heating element generates the heat necessary to dry clothes in an electric dryer or warm air in a gas dryer. When the element fails, it can disrupt the operation of the dryer and lead to wet clothes after a cycle has been completed.

    Additionally, when the heating element isn’t functioning properly, it can cause other components, such as fuses and thermostats, to become damaged or wear out from overuse. Inspect the heating element regularly and replace it before any other parts become affected by its malfunction.

    Reason #2: Problem with the thermal fuse

    A thermal fuse is a simple device that plays an important role in the operation of most modern dryers. It acts as a safety mechanism that prevents catastrophic damage to the appliance by cutting off power when temperatures become too high. This can happen if the dryer’s airways become blocked or lint builds up inside the machine, preventing air from circulating properly. If this occurs, your dryer will cease to heat up but run its cycle.

    Reason #3: Lint filter blockage

    Another reason your dryer does not heat up is the lint filter. It should be cleaned after every load, but sometimes debris can still build up over time and block air from flowing through properly, preventing heat from reaching inside your clothes. Check for any blockages in or around the lint filter and clean out any build-up before starting another drying cycle.

    dryer not producing heat

    Reason #4: Clogged vent system

    A blockage in your vent system can also cause problems with clothes dryer not heating properly because hot air cannot escape as easily, making it difficult for fresh air to enter. To check for a blockage, look at all accessible parts of your vent system (including outside) for any build-up of lint or debris which could be causing problems with airflow. Use a vacuum cleaner with an appropriate attachment to remove any blockages within the system before starting another drying cycle.

    Reason #5: Motor issues

    The motor generates the energy to spin the drum so that the clothes can be tumbled during drying; however, if something is wrong with the power supply or internal components, this can lead to problems such as no heat during cycles due to the low drum speed (which prevents hot air from reaching the area where the clothes are).

    Check for any loose wires connecting motor components before replacing the entire unit if necessary; however, please note that professional technicians should always carry out repairs involving motors due to the complexity levels involved when dealing with them correctly!

    Reason #6: Worn-out drum rollers

    Drum rollers support the drum while it rotates during a drying cycle. Over time, they can become worn due to continuous use, which can cause the drum to wobble and create friction against other components within the dryer. As a result of this excessive wear and tear on the drum rollers, your dryer may struggle to maintain or generate heat effectively.

    This issue is more prevalent in older dryers or those that are used frequently for large loads of laundry. If left unaddressed, this problem can ultimately lead to further damage within your machine, which could cost you more in repairs or even require you to replace the entire unit.

    Reason #7: Faulty igniter

    The igniter provides the flame necessary to heat the air that passes through the dryer and eventually evaporates out of the clothes. If the igniter malfunctions, the dryer will not heat up.

    To determine if your dryer’s lack of heat is due to an igniter issue, check for any visible signs of damage on or around it. If everything looks normal, but you still can’t get your dryer to produce sufficient heat, try replacing the igniter with a new one – this often resolves such issues.

    Simple steps that would help you if your dryer is not producing heat

    If your dryer is not producing heat, here’s what you need to check before calling a technician:

    1. Sometimes, a dryer can spin without producing any heat. Usually, dryers use a double breaker in a fuse box, and 1 breaker out of 2 can be tripped, which would cause the unit not to have enough power to activate the heating element. Turn the breaker off and then back on, don’t be afraid to apply pressure if it’s stuck.
    2. Ensure the dryer is plugged in fully. Make sure the power cord is fully plugged into the power outlet.
    3. Check if your dryer filters are clean. The lint trap needs to stay clean at the beginning of each cycle. If the lint trap is obstructed, the unit will overheat and trigger protections, turning the heating element off much earlier than it should. Be careful, sometimes the lint trap looks clean, but it’s clogged with microscopic dust and may not have a good airflow (it mostly happens to the European brand’s units).
    4. Make sure the door stays fully shut. If the dryer can’t create proper airflow because of the open door, it will affect the efficiency of clothes drying.
    5. If it is a gas dryer, make sure there is gas flowing into the system. Usually, there is a handle switch on a gas valve where the gas pipe connects to the unit. Make sure it’s fully open.


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