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Dryer Getting Too Hot – What To Do?

Having a dryer that is getting too hot can be an extremely frustrating experience. But don’t worry, our team at Appliance Repair Expert is here to help. Our skilled technicians will diagnose and fix the issue with your dryer quickly and efficiently.

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    What should I check first if my dryer gets really hot?

    If your dryer gets too hot and shuts off, this can be a sign of a problem that needs to be resolved quickly. Overheating can cause damage to your appliance and even put you at risk of fire. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue before calling a professional repairman.

    Step #1: Examine the timer

    The timer controls the length of each cycle, from drying to cooling. If this component malfunctions, it can cause the dryer to run too hot for too long. To check if this is the issue, remove the timer knob and access panel. Inspect the wiring connections from all terminals on both sides of the timer board and check for corrosion or loose wires; replace any defective parts immediately.

    Next, inspect all components on both sides of the timer board for any signs of damage, such as burn marks, frayed wiring, melted plastic, etc., and replace them if necessary. Lastly, observe how freely each control knob turns; if more resistance than normal is noted, replace it with a new part before reinstalling its case and restoring power to your unit.

    Step #2: Test the thermal fuse

    A thermal fuse is a safety device used to reduce the fire risk in dryers. It works by shutting off the electricity to the dryer when it reaches a certain temperature. Testing the thermal fuse is important in diagnosing and repairing an overheating dryer.

    First, disconnect the power supply and remove the back panel on your dryer. Once you can access the thermal fuse, use an ohmmeter to measure its resistance. The reading should be zero; if it’s higher than that, it’s likely gone bad and must be replaced.

    If possible, replace with an exact match for voltage rating, current rating and physical size, as replacements with different ratings may cause further problems. When reassembling the dryer, ensure all wires are connected correctly before restoring power to your appliance.

    why is my dryer getting too hot

    Step #3: Inspect the control board

    When a dryer overheats and shuts off, it can be an indication that there is something wrong with the control board. It is located on the outside of the machine and should be checked for signs of wear or damage.

    Before inspecting the control board, it is important to ensure that all power sources are disconnected from the dryer. After turning off the power, carefully remove all external covers to gain access to the internal components. Locate the control board, which is usually located at the back or top of the appliance, and visually inspect it for any damage or loose connections. If any physical damage or corroded wiring connectors are found, they must be replaced.

    Step #4: Check the humidity sensor

    A sensor inside the drum detects the temperature and humidity of the laundry. If the sensor shorts out or shows an incorrect reading, the tumble dryer can run for hours. Or worse, the heating element could burn out.

    To check this component, remove the front side panel of the appliance and measure the resistance of the sensor in ohms at room temperature. All models have different standard values. We strongly recommend that you check the operating instructions or service documentation.

    Other dryer components

    Suppose you have a steam dryer or a gas dryer. In that case, you can have issues with other components requiring a much more precise and advanced diagnosis. We recommend calling experts to get a professional opinion before taking any action.

    My dryer is overheating – how to prevent the problem?

    It’s important to keep your dryer running in top condition. Overheating can cause serious damage and should be avoided at all costs. You can take a few simple steps to ensure your appliance is working properly and doesn’t overheat.

    The first step is to ensure the lint trap is cleaned regularly. This part is key for the overall efficiency of your dryer and will help prevent it from overheating. Start by unplugging the machine from its power source, then open the door to access the lint trap. Remove any visible lint that may have collected in and around it as well as inside. Use a vacuum cleaner or brush attachment to thoroughly remove all debris before putting everything back together again.

    It is also important to choose the proper load size when using a clothes dryer. Overloading can cause it to heat up too much, leading to fire hazards or other mechanical issues. Before drying clothes, make sure that your dryer’s drum has enough space for all items being dried. Small loads should occupy no more than one-third of the total volume of the drum, and larger loads should never exceed two-thirds of capacity.

    Additionally, spread out the items in the dryer so that air can flow freely around them. This will help ensure that all items are equally heated and save energy by reducing drying time. It is also wise to separate different materials before placing them in the dryer; for example, don’t mix heavier items with lightweight fabrics like lingerie.


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    why is my dryer getting too hot

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