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Why is My Top Load Washer Not Spinning?

Smart homeowners are always looking for quick solutions prior to calling any repairman or serviceman out to their house. The washer plays a big role in our day-to-day life, and when it breaks down, it can be frustrating. In this article, you will learn a couple of quick and easy tips if your top load washing machine is not spinning.

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top load washing machine not spinning

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    Common reasons why a top load washing machine won’t spin

    Top-loaders are usually much cheaper than front-loaders and often have issues with cloth loads becoming unbalanced throughout the cycle. When the load becomes unbalanced, the drum starts to knock against washing machine walls and cause big banging noises. Due to this type of design, the machine usually breaks way faster than front-loaders and faces the issue of not spinning. Here are the main reasons what could go wrong:

    Reason #1. Door latch

    The door latch is the number 1 reason why the top load washer won’t spin. When clothes are being loaded, and the user closes the door, the door is usually smashed, which causes the door lock to fail or break.

    All washers in the world will not start the spinning cycle unless the door lock is activated and the machine is aware that the door is closed. It’s very easy to test the door latch on the top-loader. Stick a screwdriver into the lock’s cut-out hole and make sure the mechanism makes a clicking noise. If it doesn’t make a click or feels hard to engage, replace the lock.

    top load washing machine drum not spinning

    Reason #2. Drum assembly bearing

    Drum assembly located on the main bearing and usually takes all the pressure of weight and high RPMs spins. The bearing may fail over time and not let the drum spin freely. It’s very easy to test if the bearing is gone. Put your hand on the inner part of the drum (where you put your clothes) and push it with your hand in any direction.

    If the top load washing machine drum is not spinning, your assembly bearing is crushed and needs to be replaced. Remember, the drum needs to be rotated with almost no force applied, meaning it should spin if you slightly push it.

    Reason #3. Gearbox / transmission

    Sometimes the drum will spin but not agitate. Top-loaders have a transmission also named a gearbox. It’s usually a metal box with an axle on which a big plastic agitator is placed. Gears wear off with time, and a tooth on one or more gears can break off, which can cause heavy grinding noise and not allow the machine to agitate freely. The part and labor are usually very expensive.

    Reason #4. Motor

    Motor failure is one of the possibilities, but it happens very rarely. Usually, there is a fuse before the motor which trips or burns out. If the fuse is burnt out, the motor will not get power.

    Reason #5. Drain pump

    For the unit to advance to the spin cycle, it has to drain all the water in the system first because the drum wont spin with the weight of the water. If the drain pump is making a humming noise or not making any noise, it’s most likely clogged or failed. Open the drain pump assembly and inspect the pump physically, making sure the impeller of the pump is not damaged and spins freely.

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    top load washing machine wont spin

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