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Freezer Is Cold But The Fridge Is Warm – What To Do?

If you’re experiencing a common problem where your freezer is cold but the fridge is warm, call Appliance Repair Expert. Our team of professionals has the skills and experience to diagnose and repair any refrigerator issue – no matter how big or small.

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    Why is my refrigerator not cooling but the freezer is fine?

    If you ever find yourself scratching your head and wondering why your refrigerator is warm but the freezer is cold, you are certainly not alone. For many homeowners, this mysterious conundrum can be perplexing, especially when food items in the fresh sections start to go bad! No need to worry though – today we’re here to provide insight into what could be causing this issue. Keep reading to gain an understanding of the most common reasons.

    Reason #1: Broken evaporator fan

    The evaporator fan inside the freezer helps circulate cold air throughout the fridge. If the fan stops working, the cold air won’t get circulated throughout your fridge and freezer. A malfunctioning evaporator fan can also cause frost buildup in your freezer section or increase energy bills as your refrigerator runs more often than normal.

    Since this part plays an important role in maintaining temperature balance within your appliance, it’s best to have a qualified technician inspect and repair any issues related to it.

    Reason #2: Thermostat issues

    When it comes to trying to figure out why the fridge is not cold but the freezer is, one of the most common culprits is a bad thermostat. It can cause an imbalance in temperature within the refrigerator. The thermostat controls the amount of cold air that flows into both compartments, allowing it to maintain a consistent temperature throughout. When this vital piece of equipment fails, you’ll usually find that one section runs colder than the other.

    Reason #3: Refrigerant leak

    Refrigerants are responsible for cooling the air inside your refrigerator and freezer, meaning that when there’s a leak, the temperature in both compartments will be affected. This issue is especially common in older or poorly-maintained appliances.

    It’s important to check for any leaks in order to ensure the longevity of your unit. A trained technician can inspect the system and determine if there is a leak present or another issue causing malfunctioning parts.

    Reason #4: Door seals

    Door seals are another reason your fridge is not cooling but the freezer works. If there is an issue with your door seal, then it won’t be able to keep the proper temperature inside the appliance. This means that even though your freezer may have cooled down enough, the warmer temperature from outside could leak in through any cracks in the seal, causing your fridge area to remain too warm.

    To test if this is the case, close a piece of paper between each seal and try to pull it out; if you can do so easily, you need to replace your door seals as soon as possible.

    Reason #5: Dirty condenser coils

    The condenser coils are located on the back or bottom of your fridge, and their purpose is to remove heat from the refrigerator’s interior. When dust accumulates on the coils, they can cause warm air to build up inside. If you suspect this may be causing your fridge to be warmer than normal, you should clean off these coils. Not only will this help keep your food cool and fresh, but it will also improve the efficiency of your unit, so you don’t have to worry about costly repairs down the line.

    how do you fix a warm fridge and cold freezer

    How do you fix a warm fridge and cold freezer?

    The first step to fixing a warm fridge and cold freezer is to check the thermostat. Make sure that the thermostat is set to the correct temperature and that it’s not set too high. If the thermostat is set too high, it can cause the refrigerator to become too warm while the freezer remains cold.

    Next, you need to inspect the door seals. If the seals are damaged or worn, you should replace them. Begin by unplugging the refrigerator from its power source and removing all food and items from inside. Gently pull away the old gasket without damaging its frame; this will usually take some force, so caution should be exercised. After removing it, install its replacement by pressing on evenly until all parts fit snugly within their frames.

    Finally, you should clean the condenser coils of your refrigerator. Carefully vacuum off any dust and debris from the coils using the brush attachment of a handheld vacuum cleaner. Pay special attention to areas behind and underneath where dirt tends to build up. After vacuuming all sides of each coil tube, use a damp cloth or sponge to clean away any remaining dirt or grime stuck in hard-to-reach places.

    If the steps listed above do not work and your refrigerator is not cooling, but the freezer is, you should call specialists. Appliance repair technicians will have the experience necessary to diagnose and quickly fix the problem so you can get back to keeping food fresh in your refrigerator and freezer. Moreover, having an experienced professional handle the job ensures that all safety procedures are followed while making any needed repairs.


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