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What To Do If Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Is Not Opening?

Once in a while, most of the homeowners face dishes coming out dirty after the dishwasher cycle is completed. You may find that the soap dispenser did not open, and the soap is still stuck inside the soap dispenser container. Do not panic. The issue can be solved most of the time in a couple of steps!

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the soap dispenser in my dishwasher does not open

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    How does a soap dispenser work?

    The soap dispenser usually opens at the beginning of the cycle. The first drain procedure begins at 5-10 minutes of the cycle. The dishwasher intakes and drains water at least 5 times while washing dishes.

    The soap does not drop into the water immediately because it would dissolve and drain from the system right in the beginning, leaving your dishes without a cleaning agent.

    How to deal with an obstruction of the dishwasher dispenser

    Ensure that the soap dispenser’s little trap door has enough space to open inside the unit, which means that no dishes are in the way, and the top and bottom rack are pushed towards the back of the unit.

    The soap dispenser does not open with force, and the way it works is that the door is driven by a small spring. Therefore, when the lock is released, the spring pushes it open with light force. If you are sure that nothing is in the way or run the unit with no dishes in it, proceed to the next step.

    Push the release button

    This happens when the user pushes the release button located on the trap door of the dishwasher dispenser way too hard. The button gets stuck inside and does not lock the dispenser properly or lock it but doesn’t release the door when needed.

    If that’s the case, you try to grab the button from underneath and pull it back to its original position. If the button is destroyed, most likely, you will have to replace the soap dispenser.

    Faulty soap dispenser mechanism

    If none of the steps above helped you, there is a chance that the motor located on another side of the dispenser is faulty and does not release the door. In order to check the part visually, the front panel of the dishwasher has to be removed. The screws are located on the inner side of the unit all around the door.

    Be careful when removing the panel. It is a bit tricky to place it back to its original spot. If the wiring and the motor seem to be in order, a proper inspection has to be done by an expert to determine whether the soap dispenser assembly or control board needs to be replaced.

    Most of the time, you will be able to use your unit even though your soap dispenser is faulty. Drop the soap or the pod on the bottom of the unit and start the cycle. It will not be as efficient as it should be because the first water is drained at the very beginning of the cycle, but it still should do the job and clean your dishes.

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