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Why Is My Dishwasher Not Getting Water?

A dishwasher used to be a luxury appliance, but now every household has it. The dishwasher takes your dirty dishes and makes them shiny and clean. It takes in water, circulates it, and drains it out. What can you do if the dishwasher is not getting water? Read our article to find out how to fix it.

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why is my dishwasher not getting water

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    Simple steps that would help you if the water not coming into your dishwasher

    Make sure the water supply isn’t turned off. Some people forget to turn the water back on after their faucet in the kitchen is serviced. As a rule, most dishwashers take water from your kitchen faucet water line. Check if the valve is opened by simply switching on and off. Remember, the dishwasher only takes in hot water.

    Check the water level switch. In most dishwashers, a sensor is located under the bottom rack that tracks the level of water inside the unit. It looks like a mushroom-shaped plastic piece that can float above water level. What can happen is that food particles or a fork or a spoon can get stuck right under the float switch. As a result, the water not coming into the dishwasher.

    why is my dishwasher not getting hot water

    Inspect the water inlet valve. The water intake valve may have failed and not let the water into the unit because it’s stuck. The water is very hard in big cities and leaves a lot of calcium build-ups in appliances. The water valve has a metal pin that opens the water channel when activated. The calcium build-up may appear above the metal pin blocking it from moving freely.

    Start the unit, put your hand on the inlet valve, and feel it buzzing to test the components. The piece has failed if the part is trembling, but no water is coming in.

    Not draining fully. The machine will not start a new cycle unless all water is out of the unit. Remove the filter on the bottom of the unit and make sure there is no water left in the system.

    When Is It Time To Call A Licensed Technician?

    Nowadays, dishwashers use more and more electronic components and are much more complicated. Your control board or even a simple door lock might not be working correctly, which would cause the disrupted run of an appliance.

    If the steps above did not help, it is highly recommended to get an expert opinion. Sometimes the solution is much simpler than it seems.

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    We can provide professional repair of dishwashers at your home. Most of the malfunctions can be successfully eliminated in one visit of the master without the need to transport the dishwasher to the workshop.

    why is my dishwasher not getting water

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