Error codes for Samsung waching machine that can be fixed by yourself


Your WM cannot drain for 15 min. Inspect the drain valve for any clogs or blockage. Clean the filter of the drain pump. If it does not work, it needs replacing.


This code appears if the door won’t unlock for 7 times. In this case, unplug the appliance. Then, open the WM door if necessary. In the majority of cases, the use of force can damage the door. After this, replace the broken assembly.


This error appears if your WM fills for 40 min or when the water level won’t change after six min. In this case, check supply valves for being open. During cold seasons, check them for freezing. In addition, make certain the valves aren’t clogged up. If everything is okay, see inlet valves. If they are damaged, have them replaced.


This code appears when the door won’t unlock after seven attempts. if this error appears, follow the instructions:

  • Unplug the WM
  • Examine wiring harness connections
  • If they are all right, substitute the lock


This error appears when the water level is lower than the reset level during the rinse/wash cycle. In this case, inspect the tub and its elements for leakages. In addition, check the drain system installation. Note, that if water can’t siphon out of the WM, the WM is installed improperly.


If this error appears, follow the steps:

  • Unplug the WM
  • Examine wire harness connections between the EC board and the water level sensor. If everything is all right, the sensor of water level pressure must be replaced.


If the WM is overfilled, unplug it in order to understand whether it keeps filling when unplugged. If so, replace the inlet valve due to the impossibility to shut off the water flow.

If the WM isn’t overfilled, replace the sensor due to the inaccurate detection of the water level.


This error may appear during the final spin. In this case, the basket cannot spin over 150 RPM. You need to stop the cycle or wait until it ends. Then, try adjusting the load and checking whether the WM is able to spin in a proper way. If it can’t, examine the suspension system and substitute defective elements, if required.


This problem may occur when any button is stuck. First, try freeing the button. Press the top of all buttons on the panel. If it does not help, then press down off-center on all buttons. If the button won’t get free, the control board must be substituted.

Error codes for Blomberg refrigerator which need professional assistance:


No signal from the drive motor tachometer.


Heater relay failure


Cold & hot water connections are reversed


Failure of the IC board


Excessive suds


Communication error occurred between the control board & display CB


EC board error


Problems with the door locking


Problems with the door locking

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