What You Will Need:

Step 1 – Carry Out A Few Simple Checks

Before you start installing your washing machine make sure the desired area does not have any obstructions and is actually big enough for the washing machine to fit into.

Step 2 – Remove The Transit Bolts

Check the user manual supplied with your washing machine, to find out if the back of the washing machine is fitted with transit bolts. These bolts are fitted onto new washing machines to prevent the drum and suspension being damaged when the machine is transported during transit. Remove the transit bolts using a spanner and store them safely.

Step 3 – Let’s Start Installing A Washing Machine

To start installing a washing machine you will need three items: water supply, power supply and a drain.

In this instance I’ve located the power socket cable on the wall. The drain is attached on the side of the wall with the water supply connection at the back.

We’ve made sure the water supply is turned off and we will secure one end of the inlet hose to the water supply pipe.

Shift the machine around and feed the mains cable through the worktop into the socket.

You’ll need to connect the other end of the inlet hose to the back of the washing machine.

Carefully feed the drain hose into the drain connection on the wall. Time for an eSpares Top Tip: make sure you don’t push the drain hose too far down into the drain connection, as water draining away from the machine can flow even when the pump is not running. We recommend you don’t push the drain hose any lower than the water level in the washing machine.

With the drain connected you can finally push the washing machine back into position.

Check the machine is not wobbling. You can easily fix it by adjusting the feet found on the bottom of your washing machine. Once it’s levelled out, the manufacturers recommend running your washing machine on an empty hot cycle to flush out any dirt from the system.

If you require any spares for your washing machine, check out our huge range of spares to get you started.

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