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The owners of Bosch dishwashers should know that if something goes wrong with the machine, it will help. The manufacturers equipped the machines with a display that shows special error numbers. It saves the owner`s time. The owner does not need to spend time finding which machine`s part went faulty.
If a dishwasher`s display shows E01, E02, E03, E04, E05 errors, please contact Bosch certified technician. In most cases, it is a power module failure that needs replacement.
Here we have Bosch dishwasher error codes to know what they mean and what should be done to fix them.

Error codes for Bosch dishwashers


Using hard water regularly leads to such a problem soon. That is why it is recommended to use a special product for descaling regularly. E12 error indicates that there is too much limescale to keep working. You need to remove the scale.


This error indicates that the temperature of the water filling a tank is higher than 75 °C. If you are sure that water temperature is lower than 75 °C, then the reasons may include a defective temperature sensor, wire gage sensor or control board failure. In these cases, you need professional assistance.


Special water flow sensor has to control the amount of water to fill the dishwasher`s tank. It ensures the correct work of a machine. A dishwasher registers the level of water in a tank. If it fails to register it, when water filled a tank, it means a problem occurred. Please unplug the wire, check the flow meter and then check if a dishwasher registers the water level correctly. You can visually inspect the defective parts but the replacement works should be entrusted to the skilled technicians.


If water leakage happens, a machine will inform you. First of all, you need to check the possible places for leakage. It may be hoses or a place where such hoses are connected to other dishwasher parts. A defective drain pump may also be a reason. In this case, the only way is to replace a defective drain pump with a new one.


This error can bring lots of problems. When it occurs, it means that the machine uncontrollably keeps feeling a tank with water. You need to check the intake valve attentively an intake valve. Clean it if needed. If an intake valve is faulty, it should be replaced. Plus, you may also check water flow gage. Before doing it drain all water out of a dishwasher and unplug a machine.


The reasons may be the problem with drainage or deterioration of the water sensor. Check the tube to clean it and see if there are any breakages.


You need to inspect an inlet valve. Even if this error occurred, dishwashing will be done. However, the quality due to the water level will be low.


The qualified service technician is needed to fix this error.


A power outage or other power issues could lead to this error. You may check if everything is ok with power supply. Check the following machine parts – pump blade, voltage generator, electric motor condenser, and pump. Their incorrect work or deterioration may cause this error too. Then the new one is needed.


This error signifies a blockage in a drain pump. The debris may clog the pipe. You should check it and clean if needed. Plus, you need to inspect dishwasher`s filters. If filters are too dirty, it is better to replace them completely instead of cleaning. It can be difficult to reach a drain pump and filters for an ordinary owner. To avoid any problems and possible complications, the quality service is required.


In the case of E23 error code, the inspection of a professional technician is needed. it is likely likely that a drain pump is broken and should be replaced with a new one.


This problem is also related to the dishwasher`s filters. They must be too clogged and need to be cleaned or replaced.

In the case of E25 error, a dishwasher machine does not drain either. The reason remains the same – dirty filters. However, it also can be a damaged drain pump.
The code errors E26, E27, E28, E29, and E30 are mostly caused by problems with electricity.
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